***This is a translated extract from Tribun News Article. Source: https://goo.gl/G1PHbF***

During the 2019 Indonesian Political Party a total of 54 national celebrities have registered as legislative candidates. This surely makes democracy in Indonesia much more colourful.

A senior lawyer from Bali, Melany Dian Risiyantie commenting on the sheer number of celebrities registering as legislative candidates as a common occurrence in Indonesia, however due to their popularity it may seem to the public that this was a special & rare event.

“I believe that artists are public figures and if they were to lawfully register as legislative or political candidates, I do not see any problems with that. Registering as a political candidate is a right that is given to every Indonesian citizen. Although I believe candidates must be competent in handling their sought after position. Their fame and good looks is not enough to qualify them as competent politicians, they must posses sufficient diplomatic skills in order to have the privilege of representing the people” said Mrs. Melany Dian Risiyantie.

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