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Melany Dian Risiyantie SH., M.H., CLA is the founder of “Melany & Partners”. Melany has practiced generally in Indonesian Law since 1995. She started her legal career as a team member at the Law Office of TRIMEDIA Panjaitan & Associates, Law Office of Gusti Randa, SH & Partners and the Law Office of KMS Herman, SH, MH before opening her own Law Office in Bali. Melany & Partners specialize in criminal case strategy, land & real estate purchase and Family Law. In addition to Melany & Partners she is currently serving as the head of DPW ASAHI (Certified Legal Auditors Association) for the province of Bali.

Client Testimonials

“We retained Melany & Partners to help us invest into the Bali rental villa sector. Melany has a strong understanding of the complex legal environment and managed the acquisition process smoothly. More importantly, she is a no-nonsense lawyer with an ability to take a tough stance where needed. We appreciated this. I would have no hesitation in recommending Melany & Partners.” Mark Thornton

PT Indonesia Private Equity Consultants

“From our initial meeting it became clear we were dealing with someone we could trust. She clearly outlined her expenses and gave us an idea of costs involved in releasing our catamaran from custody. She ensured the skipper, my son, was out of harms way and likewise ourselves on our return. Her negotiations with customs were essential to getting the fine down to a affordable level plus her professional fee was less than anticipated. Being in the U.K. we were vulnerable but never felt at risk. Without Melany we would still have our vessel rotting in Sarangan, a heartfelt thanks.” Trus & Susie Cokes

“Ibu Melany and team were a great big help. We honestly would not know what to do without them.
If I had to do it myself I would’ve had to go out of Bali through all the complicated process, but Bu Melany made it all easy, we didn’t have to move at all. Even when my husband is in the wheelchair, in the immigration office she made it all smooth and easy for him.
Thank you, Bu Melany, for everything. It meant a lot for us. We’d definitely recommend you to everyone we know!”

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